"Bellydance and Burlesque" held their first show in June 2007 at the Black Cat, Sheep Street Northampton (UK). In honour of visiting American show biz royalty "Princess Farhana of Hollywood" - one of the founders of LA's "The Velvet Hammer Burlesque Troupe" and internationally acclaimed bellydance performer and teacher.
Holding a show featuring both of these art forms had not been done before in this country, the reason why we did it was because Princess Farhana does both and we wanted to see it!
The show was an amazing success and we could have sold it out 3 times over. We now use the wonderful Playhouse Theatre for our intimate Northampton shows. Our events run 2 or 3 times a year and our shows are open to offers of touring...

The B&B Crew

"Bellydance and Burlesque" is organised by Bellydance Performers & Teachers Lynne Chapman (a.k.a Fulya) and Talullah
Also Kookie Kaftan's Julie Chapman.
With help from Graphic Artist and Comedy Club Promoter Purple Monkey's Alan Lenton and our resident compere Sheelicious.




Fulya performs Tribal, Cabaret & Folk styles of belly dance. She is a popular belly dance teacher and choreographer, and has been teaching since 2000.
Also a musician (Guitar, Vocals, Saxophone & Percussion) she writes some of the music that she dances to. She leads an Arabic Tabla Drumming Group "The Trials", and the Tribal Style Dance Troupe "Tribe-Ulations" and is the one half of the Kookie Kaftan Bazaar partnership (her sister Julie is the other partner.)

In her spare time she writes articals and reviews for bellydance magazines such as Mosaic and Jareeda and has been the sub-editor of the Network News section of Mosaic since 2000

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Julie is the one half of the Kookie Kaftan Bazaar partnership (her sister Lynne is the other partner) taking care of ebay and internet sales.

She is a founder member of the Tribal Style Dance Troupe Tribe-Ulations, plays the arabic tabla and zills with the "Trials Drumming Group" and has been dancing since 1997.

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Also known as Taleebah - Talullah is her wicked alter ego, who likes to make it along to our shows...

Taleebah teaches bellydance in the Kettering area of Northamptonshire. She is a beautiful bellydancer who likes to err on the Gothic Side, is a founder member of the tribal style troupe"Tribe-Ulations" and as an Artist Model makes a steady Tableaux Vivant.

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Mistress of fine fragrances, delectable food stuffs and wicked outfits. Sheelicious is our resident compere, Tableaux Vivant and pick up girl - of discarded clothing!

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Award winning Graphic Designer, Purple Monkey Comedy Club Promoter and all round nice guy.

Alan helps us out with beautiful graphics (see Art Gallery), photography, set design and construction, and he also co-ordinates the music that is played in between shows. As well as all the above he does anything else that needs doing and takes care of all of us.

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BD&B Team


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Julie Fulya Talullah Sheelicious