What can Bellydance & Burlesque offer you that is different?

You are coming to see a show, so you get a comfortable seat and a good hour and a half of on stage entertainments.

Our shows are on prime nights - we always book a Friday or Saturday.

The venue's we use have a well stocked bar and the show ends early enough for you to go on to a night club and dance the night away if you wish.
Short Potted History...
Burlesque is the name given to a whole group of arts and entertainments; Cabaret singers, bawdy poetry, comedy skits and comic stand up etc. All of which you will find in our shows.
In America before TV there were two types of theatre you could go to. "Vaudeville" was a little more higher class and "Burlesque" was for blue collar workers -so the acts tended to be a little more risqué and slightly more lewd at times.

These days "Burlesque Dance” is the name given to the art of strip tease. It involves very beautiful costumes and going down to pasties (sequined nipple covers) and a g-string some times far more i.e. bra and pants. But it is all about how you take it off, not what you take off! Most Burlesque audiences tend to be women - it is an art form that has been reclaimed by women as a life affirming past time, as recent shows TV shows such as "Faking it" and "How to look good naked" have illustrated.

Cabaret Style Bellydance and Burlesque dance have exactly the same roots, the 1893 Chicago World Fair. The Hoochie Kootch was the slang name given to the dance of the exotic dancer called "Little Egypt" who captured the hearts and minds of the American public. You only have to look at today's cabaret costume to realise that it is not a native to the East but pure American Showgirl! When bellydance hit America it branched off in two directions; the Cabaret Bellydance Style and the Strip Tease Element - Same costume just one stayed on the other didn't!

What we have in our shows is in no way vulgar, both arts are portrayed as art forms and both the Burlesque Dancers and Belly Dancers we feature are trained dancers.

Come along for an evening of high class Adult Entertainment!

Our Shows are for Adults Only No under 16's. 16 to under 18's, only with parental guidance.




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