The 3rd Bellydance & Burlesque Show
26th October 2007
Benn Hall Rugby


Act 1

Tableaux Vivant - "Vampire" Featuring Tallulah

Khalgani - Devil Girls
Fulya - Saloon Girl Dance with Feather Fans
Pale Empress -Isis Wings
Mistress Talullah Flame - Burlesque
Mistress Olivia - Dance

Tableaux Vivant - "Bride of Frankinstein " Featuring Sheelicious



Act 2

Live Music from Tallyman's Dark Omnibus

Rozie -
Whole lotta Rozie dance
Babs -
Homage to Prince dance
Maureen -
- Alien Dance
Dawn O'Brien
- Loony
Mistress Oliva - S&M dance

Compere for both Acts & Pick up Girl "Sheelicious"- in Vince Ray Devil Girl and Frankinstein Nurse personas.




The 2nd Bellydance & Burlesque Show
24th August 2007
The Playhouse Theatre Northampton


Act 1

Fulya - Bond Homage
Talullah - Diamonds are Forever
Tableaux Vivant
"A Night With Bond" Featuring Julie
Amaris & Matt - I put a spell on you
Deita - Bellydance
Lady Meryl - Live Music; "I will survive"
Sapphira -Bellydance

Act 2

Tableaux Vivant - "Cleopatra" Featuring Sheelicious
Talullah -
Burlesque dance
Amaris -
Deita -
Tableaux Vivant
- "Lilith" Featuring Tallulah
- Tribal Bellydance with Fans
Sapphira - Burlesque

Compere for both Acts & Pick up Girl for Act 2 "Sheelicious"- in many stunning outfits and personas


"When the Hip Hits the Fan"- Show with Princess Farhana At the Black Cat Northampton

6th June 2007


Act 1

Fulya - Bellydance with Sword to "Perhaps Perhaps"
Amaris -
Bellydance to "Gold Digger"
Martin White -
Music (comedic)
Amaris -
Bellydance to Jazz
Princess Farhana - Bellydance

(Miss Lily Dumont was unable to attend)



Act 2

Talullah - Bellydance to Jazz
Amaris -
Bellydance To Prince
Martin White -
Princess Farhana -

Compere for both Acts "Sheelicious" in many stunning outfits and personas





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