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CD's (Compilation)

This page is a review of the CD's that I use regularly in class, providing my students with information on which songs I have Choreographed and how to get hold of the songs/CD if they want to. (Songs highlighted in purple have been Choreographed.)

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 Eurovision Song Contest: Riga 2003 - This features the winning Turkish song by Sertab.

"The Best Belly Dance Album in the World...Ever!" (compilation) label: Virgin, Cat No: 0946 3 10871 2 7

Track listing

1) "Amani fe el sharq" - Mazen Zawidey, 2) "Disco el Sharq" - Farook Salama, 3)"Windows of the East" - Ron Goodwin & His Orchestra, 4) Mirjianah - Ihasn El Munthir, 5) "Samara" - Suheil Faris 6) "Beaad" - Ahmed Fouad Hassan Group 7) "Noura" - Ammar El Sharie 8) "Ana fi entizarak" - Farook Salama 9) "Hicaz dolap" - Esin Engin and Orchestra 10)" Belly Dance Steps"- Nasser Al Assad 11) "Arabian Rhapsody" - Omar Khairat

When you first start doing your own Choreography the one thing you look for in a CD is that the songs are short! On this CD there are only two that clock in at around the 3 minute mark and I've choreographed them both, all the rest are 5 mins at the very least. My main dislike of this CD and its sister CD "Best Belly Dance Album in the world Ever...Vol 2" is that there are a lot of orchestral numbers on them which have basically been butchered! They have been cut and edited down in a very jumpy and obvious way, rendering some piece's virtually unrecognizable as there most famous parts have been unceremoniously removed!

 Best Belly Dance Album Ever Click the link to buy from Amazon

 Best Belly Dance Album Ever 2 Click the link to buy from Amazon.
- I have not choreographed any tracks from Volume 2


The Best Arabic Album in the World...Ever! (compilation) label: Virgin, Cat no. 0946 310854 2 0

1)"Nour el ain" - Amr Diab, 2) "Harramt Ahebbak" - Warda, 3) "Farek Khebir"- Ragheb Alama, 4) "Wani Marek Marreyt" - Assi El Halani, 5) "Fi Aineik Badawar" - Mary Sleiman, 6) "Habaitak" Wael Kfoury 7)"Yaila Ya Habibi" (remix) - Dania, 8) "Kolo Minak Ya Hawa"-Walid Tawfic 9) "Eamel Maarof" - Nawal Al Zoughby 10)"Ainy" Hamid El Shari, 11) "Sabri Alik Tal" - Rajaa Bel Maleh, 12) "Ghaili" - Mohamed Abdou, 13) "Ya Mina El Habayeb - "Fairuz"

A very nice collection of mainly pop tunes by some of the most famous and popular of today's entertainers, including the ever popular "Nour el ain" (one of the biggest ever selling singles in the Arabic world.)

 Best Arabic Album in the World Click to buy from Amazon.


"Camel Spotting" (compilation) label EMI : Cat no. 7243 496184 2 8

1) "Nour el Ain" - Amr Diab 2) "Ya Bo Ye" - Ragheb Alama 3) "Min Ger Loka"- Mayada El Hennawy 4) "Acha'ak Azab" - Walid Tawfic 5) "Yalla Ya Habibi" - Dania 6) "Min Ghadr el Hob" - George al Rassy 7) "Ma Ariflak Makan" - Osama Al Attar 8) "Kol de Eshaat" - Samira Saeed 9) "Law Koona" - Nadia Moustafa 10) "Aidy Bzank" - Adel Kassab 11) "Tohgorny" - Hamid El Shari

Another mainly pop compilation, also featuring Nour el Ain (I really must choreograph that track). For any one wishing to do there own Choreography this CD is good as it lists how long each track is next to it's title, and there are; 4 tracks at around the 4 minute mark, 2 at around 5 minutes and the rest at the 6 - 7 minuets, which means that all the tracks on this CD are quite manageable really, a real rarity!

"Arabesque" (compilation) Cat no. GUTCD007

1. Der bauch - Mc Sultan 2. Cantamilla - Tranquility Bass 3. Kidda - Natacha Atlas 4. Fever (Steve Hillage remix) - Stero Mc's 5. Shashkin (Hefner remix) - Omar Faruk Tekbilek 6. Istikhbar (Prelude) - Gnawa Diffusion 7. Ya rayah (Bi polar remix) - Dahmane El Harrachi 8. Valencia - Rachid Taha 9. Sirocco - Momo & Christophe Goze 10. Shashkin - Omar Faruk Tekbilek 11. Caravane - Radar 12. Parisien du nord - Cheb Mami 13. Wahrane - Khaled 14. Desert roots - Hamid Baroudi 15. Alaoui (Remix) - ONB

The first in a series of Albums complied by trendy restaurant owner Momo.

Arabesque buy now from Amazon!


"Arabesque Zoudge Volume 2" (compilation) label: react music / most records, Cat no. REACTCD 202

1) "Yalili Ya Aini" - Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart, feat. Natacha Atlas 2) "Nokta" - Rachid Taha 3) "Morgenduft" - Dzihan & Kamien 4) "Jonon" - Stephane Malca, feat. Waad 5) "Liberte" - Khaled 6) "Red Skies" - Omar Faruk Tekbilek 7)"Desert Dancer" - Nickodemus 8) "Raba Raba" - Khaled 9) "Esterika" - Sfatayim 10) "Bahlam" - Natacha Atlas 11) "Barkani" - Karmix 12) "Khalliouni Khalliouni" - 1,2,3 Soleils 13) "Nouar" - Cheikha Rimitti 14)"Ninderli" (intro) - Musafir 15) "Don't Cry my Love" - Omar Faruk Tekbilek 16) "She Left Home" -Djamel Ben Yelles

I love this album the selection is wonderful, just the most amazing tracks (some of which can only be found on this album) and nothing that is too westernized and Dance influenced (in the "techno" musical style sense) to make it dull and uninteresting - which was the problem with the first Arabesque album. There are a variety of moods from the slightly menacing "Rock and Rai" of Rachid Taha to the wistful Arabic Violin on the closing track by Djamel Ben Yelles." There are plenty of instrumentals as well as tracks with vocals to choose from, and all of these tracks have the potential to be choreographed as they're all of quite short duration, and I shall be choreographing more from this album for use in class. This CD also looks like it will remain available for a long time as VOL 1 which is over 3 years old now is still quite widely available (compilation CD's of belly dance music have a nasty habit of being deleted from the back catalogue barely six months after release.)

 Arabesque Zoudge Vol.2 buy now from Amazon!

 Arabesque Tlata The third album in the series, I have not yet choreographed anything from it.

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