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This page is a review of the CD's that I use regularly in class, providing my students with information on which songs I have Choreographed and how to get hold of the songs/CD if they want to. (Songs highlighted in purple have been Choreographed.)

If an item appears as a link it means it is available from Amazon, clicking on the link will take you to an Amazon page which may have more reviews and certainly more information on the product. This may help you make up your mind as to whether you want to buy it! If you do, click on the "add to my basket" icon and follow the instructions.


 Laundry Service - "When ever Where ever" and "Eye's Like Yours" have been choreographed for my groups.

 Washed and Dried - Laundry Service... Special editon of the album - has some extra remixes, both of the above choreographed songs are on it.

Natacha Atlas

Something Dangerous - Natacha's latest project, which has a more western mainstream sound.

Foretold in the Language of Dreams

 Ayeshteni Contains the wonderful cover of "I Put a Spell on You"

Gedida This is the music I use for Warm up, "Aqaba" has also been Choreographed as an energetic stick dance.

Diaspora - Beautiful album.





 Tarkan This is Takan's greatest hits collection and contains the ever popular "Simarik" (Kiss Kiss) and the two songs that have been used on the Turkish tourist board ads.

 Tarkan [France] the only obvious difference between this album and the one above is the price and quickness of delivery.

 Karma Takan's latest release.


Rachid Taha

 Made in Medina


 Rachid Taha Live

 1 2 3 Soleils With Cheb Khaled and Faudel

 Rachid Taha

 Ole Ole


Hamid el Shari


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