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You might be feeling a bit daunted about starting a new class, have no fear we're all pretty friendly! It might help for you to read about what happens in class first. All teachers are different and have different formats, but this is how I teach.

A Typical Lesson

Warm up - Gentle movements and stretches to warm up muscles and prevent injury.

Isolations - Learning to move just the hips, ribs, or head on their own - for example; one aim is to be able to effortlessly slide the hips from one side to the other without moving the top half at all. Isolations also aid in warming up the body.

Movement Vocabulary - This is where I teach new moves and revise moves I have previously taught. I check that each student is happy with what they are doing and provide in-depth break downs, encouragement and correction, if they need it.

Down the rooms - This is where we get used moving off the spot. Getting used to shifting weight to make each move possible and thinking in terms of using and filling the space we dance in.

Choreography -A sequence of moves set to music so that you will have something to show your friends!
We practice the same choreography for around five weeks, then only when everyone feels happy, will I introduce a new one. Each class is different and some classes seem to devour new choreography while others need longer before they feel that they can move on to a new one. We still keep practicing the old one(s) though, but if a class hates a particular choreography we can always change it!

Cool Down - Gentle movements and stretches to stop us from aching tomorrow.

Lorna Hayley and Emma

Three Lovely's

Lorna, Hayley and Emma doing "Down the Rooms"


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