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The way of the belly by Neena & Veena with Nancy Bruning

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 cover  Belly Dance: the Dance of Mother Earth
 cover  I Put a Spell on You: Dancing Women from...
 cover  Oriental Belly Dance
 cover  Zaida: Belly Dancing for Older Women
 cover  Ancient Egyptian Dances
 cover  The Art of Belly Dancing
 cover  Belly Dancing Basics
   Belly Dance: Step-by-step
 cover  When the Drummers Were Women
 cover  "A Trade Like Any Other": Female Singers...


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The Way of the Belly By Neena & Venna with Nancy Bruning.

This book with DVD is not just about belly dance it is very much a Lifestyle book - with chapters on pampering your self, (complete with recipe's for homemade beauty treats) how to dress the belly way, with costuming tips and advice, as well as recipes for middle eastern food and general advice about taking good care of yourself and beating stress.

The DVD is great for the beginner dancer as books just cannot show you how to dance no matter how many pictures they use!

This would make a great gift for the novice belly dancer in your life!

"Rediscovering the Oldest Dance : The Belly Dance Book" - ISBN 0970024703

If you only buy one book about belly dance ever, this should be the one. It has useful information on essentials such as costuming ideas, tips on dancing with canes, swords, zils, fire & snakes. Articles on surviving stage fright, going pro, American Tribal style, male dances... I could sing it's praises for days, it's worth it's weight in gold.

Not currently available via See for more info.

"Serpent of the Nile : Women and Dance in the Arab World" By Wendy Buonaventura ISBN 1 - 56656-300-3

As a collection of art work alone this book is worth it's money, it's stunningly beautiful. Wendy Buonaventra is a well respected dancer and teacher and writes well on her subject, before the "Belly Dance Book" came along this would have been my recommendation for the "if you only buy one book category."

 Serpent of the Nile (Click on the link to buy)


"Nine Parts of Desire : the Hidden World of Islamic Women" By Geraldine Brooks ISBN 0-241-13492-7

Geraldine Brooks is a western journalist who lived and worked in various countries in the Middle East as a foreign correspondent for six years. This book is a fascinating account of the day to day realities of life for many Arab women, it also offers an insight into the lives of a few western women who have married Arab men. Chapter 12 is of particular interest to us dancers as it charts Geraldine's own love affair with the dance.

 Nine Parts of Desire (Click on the link to buy now!)


"Grandmothers Secret's : The Ancient Rituals & Healing Power of Belly Dancing" By Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi ISBN 1-56656-302-X - Paper Back version : "Belly Dancing"( This book has many different titles depending on what country and format it was released in.)

The reminiscences of the authors childhood are wonderful, but far to brief. All to quickly an impersonal and scholarly attitude is taken to the work, which after the heady world of the first chapter makes you feel like you have been abandoned in a barren and desolate place. Don't get me wrong the later chapters are very informative, but in a bite size way only. It feels like this book has tried to take on too much, if it had been purely a personal account it would have been intoxicating. The book is just too short to do real justice to any of the history of this ancient dance and there is far too much of the book given over to descriptions of some of the dance moves. Words alone just don't work, you need a picture of every stage of each movement as well, and even then the medium fails as a teacher as there is far too much room for error. If you only need some abbreviated accounts of all areas of the dance then this book is for you.

 Belly Dancing (Click on the link to buy the paper back version of "grandmothers secrets")


"When the Drummers Were Women : A Spiritual History of Rhythm" By Layne Redmond ISBN 0-609-80128-7

This book is exactly what it says it is, a history of women drummers - it provides pictures references accounts etc. But I have to admit even though the book's title inspired me, and I really wanted to read it...I didn't get very far with it. And I am a devourer of books and a female drummer so I have every reason to finish it. I'll have to try and attempt it again soon.

When the Drummers Were Women : A... (click on the link to buy)


Publicity Feature
Finding gym exercise tedious? Bored of your fitness regime and want to explore a new, challenging and fun way to keep in shape?

Then discover…

Publication Date 27th January 2005 price: £9.99

The 25,000-year-old art of bellydancing is the latest fitness craze. Legendary instructor Dolphina, whose Goddess bellydance workout has been practised by such celebrities as Minnie Driver, Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra and was featured in Sex and the City, has written Bellydance, a complete guide that allows you to practise bellydancing in the comfort of your own home.

'a unique way to exercise mind body and spirit'

Because Bellydance targets specific muscle groups it is very effective at toning and sculpting the body. This, as well as the beneficial effect it has on cardiovascular fitness has made it hugely popular as a workout worldwide. Not only an effective and enjoyable way to stay in shape, Dolphina believes it is also a 'source of female empowerment' leading to a 'liberating shift in attitude' which will increase your self confidence.

Bellydance provides a step-by-step visual guide that allows the reader to follow the movements of each dance effortlessly. As well as exploring the history of bellydance, the first section explains the basic movement principles, how to dance to music and what to wear. The second section guides the reader through Dolphina's Goddess Salutation, a five minute stretching technique. The third section breaks down the bellydance moves, demonstrating them in annotated, easy-to-follow, step-by-step sequences and includes three choreographed sequences.

Bellydance is a sexy, fun, non-impact exercise that burns fat, increases flexibility and tones the body.

Dolphina is of Bulgarian Gypsy descent. She learnt bellydancing as a child in Morocco and it was this early background in dancing which lead her to study at the American Academy of Dance and Drama. She is also certified by the American Association of Fitness and is a Sivananda certified yoga instructor. She brought together her expertise in these various fields to produce the unique Goddess workout regime. She now owns her own studio in Marina Del Ray, California and teaches bellydance classes.


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