Terms & Conditions of Booking

Please read the following before booking a place

Children ARE NOT allowed in any classes or workshops even just to watch. Some Students are put off by being watched and it creates problems for me. Minimum age for joining a class is 14 years.

All workshops / classes require you to arrive at least 5 minutes before the advertised start time, if you arrive late for a workshop / class it is up to you to warm yourself up before joining in with the class activity.

All belongings must be put out of harms way, DO NOT leave bags, shoes, coats etc. anywhere where they could cause a hazard. Please stow them tidily either on, or under chairs / tables if the room has them, or where the tutor has designated. The same goes for props or handouts. Never discard them on the floor, for even a second, as someone might not know they are there and slip on them.

Please bring suitable non-slip footwear to dance in. - I know that most dancers prefer to dance bare foot (as do I) but you do so at your own risk. See what do I wear?

If the price of a class / event is not quoted please contact the organization specified as it may vary due to a number of factors (i.e. if you quality for fee remission, number of weeks the class is running for this term, if you have missed a certain number of weeks you may not have to pay for the entire course etc.), each organization I work for has different prices and policies.

For events organized by Lynne Chapman

The following conditions only apply to events organized by Lynne Chapman. If the event is organized by a separate body (i.e. the Percival Guildhouse or esporta) please contact the organization directly (an address or phone number will be provided on the advertisement) as they will have there own policy's which I have NO influence over.

Places are only guaranteed when payment has been made.

Your place on a workshop is not guaranteed unless you have paid for it. If I put your name down on a list without payment it so that I can make a note of who is interested in this workshop. Places are not held indefinitely, only until someone pays for that place and if the workshop fills up over the week that may not be you!


A refund for a workshop / event organized by Lynne Chapman will only be issued if an absolute minimum of 7 FULL days notice is given. Refunds for cancellations without 7 days notice are at my discretion.


email Lynne or ring 01327 843352


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